2013 Most Important Celebrity Moments.

Hii guys. So this year has been full of surprises and beautiful/horrible moments. Let’s check them out month by month:

January: “Oh yeah Justin Timberlake is back” I thought. It was January 13 when it was announced that the next day would be released the new single by JT in collaboration with Jay Z. The album debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 with first-week sales of 968,000 copies, becoming Timberlake’s second number one album on the chart and best-selling debut week of his solo career.

March: Royals by Lorde became a commercial success, peaking a top the Billboard Hot 100 chart for nine consecutive weeks. It was released for sale on March 8, 2013.

May: Brad Pitt Supported Angelina Jolie during her mastectomy. She decided to do this after discovering that she carried the BRCA1 gene, a factor that greatly increases the chances of developing breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

August: Beyonce sent Instagram into a panic when she sheared off her new look in August. On 25th of August Miley Cyrus did a performance shock with Robin Thicke.

October: Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr announced their divorce, after three years of marriage. They have also a child together, Flynn. One of my favourite moment is absolutely Kanye West’s Proposal to Kim Kardashian. With the words “PLEEEASE MARRY MEEE!!!” and a 15-carat diamond ring she said YESS!

November:  Katy Perry VS Lady Gaga VS Miley Cyrus. Eminem is back! He released The Marshall Mathers LP 2.

December: Surpriseeee! On December 13, 2013, Knowles unexpectedly released her fifth and self-titled studio album at the iTunes Store.

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